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Primary Liability Insurance (PLI) covers up to $85,000 USD. for liabilities caused by accident related expenses and legal assistance, when liability for other vehicles or people have been caused by the driver of the rented vehicle. Does not cover damages made to the rented vehicle nor medical expenses for its passengers.

Collision Damages Waiver (CDW) covers total damages with 10% Deductible for vehicle. Does not cover traffic violations.

Theft Protection (TP) covers total theft with 10% Deductible . Do not cover accesories.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) This is a medical expenses insurance, which covers for injuries to the passengers of the rented vehicle, up to 30,000 USD, per accident. It includes: ambulance service, hospital and medical expenses.

In case of an accident, our insurance company requires that the driver's name must be specified in the rental agreement, therefore, all drivers must be authorized and have their names printed on the rental agreement. All authorized drivers must show a valid and current driver's licence or permit with photograph. Also, in case of an accident, in order to validate any insurance, driver must first call our company so we can send immediately our insurance agent to the place of the accident. All insurance rates are in USD.

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